Sunday, June 23, 2013

While this blog hibernates

Time to highlight a few past posts for anyone who may have stumbled upon this blog recently.

If my ever-growing list of things to post about is any indication, Thought Offerings will not be in hibernation forever.... that said, I don't know how soon real posting activity will resume. On my list are specific posts about the usual macroeconomic blog fare: interest rate policy foundations and effects, economic growth dynamics, job guarantee versus job or income guarantee, confusion about flows versus changes in flows, dynamics of inflation, debt and demographics, money supply dynamics, and more.

If you've been subscribed to this blog via Google Reader and haven't yet chosen a new RSS feed reader (with Google Reader going offline very soon), I suggest giving NewsBlur a try. It's a little buggy still but seems very promising, with both mobile app and full web versions. Alternate suggestions are very welcome though -- I only recently started looking at current options.

For newcomers, here are some past posts I recommend:
Those are a few of the ones that I'm most happy with and that I think remain most relevant despite being old. I've also done a series of 3-4 posts on QE and money supply endogeneity that I will try to revisit some time in the light of later data, though I'm not sure at this point whether the posts were on the mark, and I've since seen references to Kaldor and others on similar topics and have not fully explored them.

More.... some time.