Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New EconViz Blog & Survey Results

Thanks to those of you who have tried out the preview draft version of the How the Economy Works Visual Tutorial and submitted feedback! (And thanks Tom for the extra traffic from your post).

I have created a dedicated blog for EconViz.org on which I'll announce major content and functionality updates to that site. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS Feed if you are interested in seeing what unfolds there and perhaps giving further feedback. So far there are two posts -- an introduction, and the results of the mini-survey I included at the end of the tutorial.

My goal is to keep up occasional posts on this blog on macroeconomics topics outside of concept visualization -- hopefully more frequent than they have been recently! But neither will be a high volume blog any time soon.

Public Service Announcement for Google Reader users: If like me you were driven crazy by the huge amount of wasted screen space in the "refresh" to Google Reader a few weeks ago, I recommend the Google Reader Demarginfier script (works with the Greasemonkey browser add-on).

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